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Brain is producing many thousand chemicals to works as signals for every thoughts and emotions. The limits and control of such chemical production is leading to all kind of disability including Autism and deformity. For all this conditions an external medicine will not accept the brain. There is an another way is dispensing natural particles equal to the chemical structure to brain is the way to re establish and  enable the chemical production for  emotional exposition of neuron transmitters is the way applied in this technology. The appropriate minerals and excess acid neutralizers together with created situation is the key of the application technology.

My 30 year research and 1750 clinical experiments on human conditions is give me the in depth confidence to introduce a universal theory to have an absolute solution for all human conditions. But I used to identify the cause for disability in each and every person through the decoding using ‘Dermatoglyphics’. This is a traditional system till 18th century and became a branch of science after completion of the research work by the first time when skin stripes were recorded and documented in 1823 by Czech doctor Pa Jinjie. And the term was coined by Dr. Harold Cummins, the father of American fingerprint analysis. The way has been developed that in many way.  In a human being the striae formation began at 19 weeks during pregnancy, when the brain and spinal cord began development separately. At this time, number of creases will gradually begin to form in the brain, and creases will be reflected on the fingerprints. The different regions of our brain are reflected by our 10 fingerprints. And dermatoglyphics is DNA reflected in the appearance of our body. It is unique and it will not change. And in all ages the real brain conditions can be decoded from finger prints. There are many science associated to complete this innovation to seems a practical success.

The analysis is mainly experimented about what change occur during the development period of each person on childhood and afterwards. The key understanding is any of the change of brain will be reflected in finger prints. Later it helps to detect and identify the real lose of damage in a brain cell and lose factors. It give me  an idea is that every thought process and emotion have a corresponding chemical production and any one is not capable to produce such a chemical when and where a desire or a thought process is going on inside the brain, as result is no emotions is worked out. Here is the fundamental problem that where ever the absents occur the apt neuron messenger will not work over there and can be a cause of disability or deformity. The term disability include all conditions of human being is in different form like Learning disabilities (difficulties with reading, writing, speaking, listening,

Spelling, reasoning or doing math.)  Autism, MR, Down syndrome, ADD,ADHD,MS,CP  and  muscular dystrophy, dwarf, giants , in balanced aesthetic ratio , architectural structure of skeletal system etc.

I have to state my finding and realization regarding my way of activity is called deformity elimination science (DESc). DESc is work with Micro Particle Implementation Technology (MPIT). It is a lifelong research and concluded with fact finding and solutions. The analysis in this theory is looking to the possibility and solutions for the human conditions with no remedy with any kind of medicine.  In this research work I used to analyze about

  1. History of life science to modern drug science.
  2. The brain chemistry and its nature.
  3. The possibility of drug discovery and dispensing for brain based disorders and other deformity.
  4. Implementation of brain chemicals without direct dispensing.
  5. Retardation, disability and deformity normalization process using MPIT

History of life science to modern drug science.

The biology, living science, health science, medical science and drug science are different from one to another. Biological science is started from the history of living. Living science is a formation of compromising with climate and geographical situations. Health science is developed after many experience of catastrophe in the microcosm of human being. Medical science has been the further development using the particles available from the surroundings which should be a balancing supplement to human body and that supported a self healing attitude development in the human body.     The analytical study on natural properties is the equal composition of artificial chemicals and those chemicals can be directly made absorbent by brain cell. This science proved the rich contents of earthen minerals and natural properties.The interaction with every physical property will act and react with surrounding materials and that can be another production of chemicals. Which is not a direct chemical and can interact with surroundings .It is with many millions of minerals in many names and forms by the modern definitions. In ancient stages as per the heritage science is explained as compartment of particles associating to generate functional energy between two objects. And that will emit a chemical reflection will cause the biological presents. Many of the Earthen materials has been organized in the heritage period is for the purpose of developing or creating positive energy to protect negative energy and get it as an active energy. Anyhow using the heritage system and without medical approach we can solve any conditions in human being. A condition is developing by the inappropriate algorithm of the micro particle and its constitutional chronological algorithm of the human body is creating a condition. That condition can be changed by reinstalling through the loosed particle implementation. It is the material chemistry used by the ancient heritage science since many thousand years. But modern people lose the right information and technology on the material chemistry used in heritage science. This is explained in deformity elimination science and that is a true knowledge about energy force of each materials and how its acting and level of action. In this principle it is working as by effect of any damages through the presents of a negative energy it can be cause as a condition in being. Understanding after what factor is out of the algorithm we can find out the same from the decoding .That will give a check list about which material during what application in which time of growth ( exact time) of development and is happened the loss of particle to convert as a condition in the being . It gives an accurate format about what particle or energy need re installed.

In my innovation it is lost particle re implementation which is loosed while in life time of human being for accrued conditions (conditions are not disease). For any conditions can be changed or reorganized using other condition which must be apt for the anti version of existing conditions. For each and every human being is a unique combination and we needing develop for a specific formula for them. It is not medical system, instead it is system developed from many Indian heritage System. When approaching this system you have to be compromised with the philosophy behind it. You learn and experienced many things. You learned from various source like academic, professional and modern scientific and non scientific literature, hearing and others suggestion.  I agree that you know many things. When you are approaching with this system of technology forget all your present knowledge connecting with many factors. Because it is interconnected with much other science and for a new formula of technology till you ask me the explanation for any of the points. Because I have definite answer to make understand you at your own level. It is a natural process and not using any harmful materials or approach to anyone so it is risk free and free from toxins and artificial chemistry.

 The brain chemistry and its nature

Any or all brain based problems and disorders are lose of neuron  on the neuron transmitters to distribute and re distribute chemical database signals for in time action with corresponding mechanism of human body.

HCO and H-ens and O-ens with different adding or deletions of HOOHH or OOHOOCHOOOH or H2O+ > can be the constitutional problem makers in the human brain cells.

Using appropriate delivery methodology has been given ample examples to prove the technology to change a condition based on a human body is the fundamentalism of this study and research.

It is a particle of 4oo million microns in cubic centeemetre area  consist with re deseign of lost particle defend by the stuctural analize of DNA.


Human brain It produces many chemicals for transmitting of neurological impulses. It produce , Acetylcholine (ACh), Dopamine (DA) Serotonin (SER)Gamma amino butyric acids (GABA) Endorphins (END) Glutamate (GLU) are the cell chemicals of Neurotransmitters .Interlinking with relations to one to another on the neurotransmitters are the cause of mental ill. The presents and feel of mental ill is in deffreent form  as per the location of the chemical signal lines, In a human body many million feels and experience  through show, touch, practice ,hearing smelling are the external information getting  to the brain. As per the chemical information signals getting to the brain is creating the corresponding chemicals signal. Any of such signale  is delayed or bracked for  while signal transmission  is converted in the form of disability. This is cause a human condition.

The all area of the human body need signalling through vertebral colons and many millions transmitters wired through the vertebral colon partition. All this  chemical logistic and signal transferring through the chemical transponders. They are base chemical viz. Acetylcholine(Ach),Dopamine(DA) Serotonin (SER)

Gamma aminobutyric acid(GLBA), Endorphins (END) and Glutamate(GLU). Any of the increase or decrease intensity and density of such chemicals on bran cells are basic problems and it is leading mentally disability. The reason is the HCO and H-ens and O-ens with different adding or deletions of HOOHH or OOHOOCHOOOH. Here we can detect a cell structure is H12 C6 O8. Where the value increasing or decreasing in HCO aspect ratio is the cause of creating cell damage and the media of chemical signalling and its intensity will delayed or damaged. It is create various moods, depression, Schizophrenia, and many abnormalities and mental conditions. And many thousand emotions separately or jointly attack the conciseness and subconscious part is converting as phobias .this generates various types of Violence and non tolerance. Here I explain you that the chemical composition and chemicals producing by the Brain factory.

Here the structural value of Hydrogen is 12 (H12) , If the value of hydrogen is increased by an external or foreign contribution , where ever the value increase of hydrogen that H12, it will create a mood establishing and once it is activated in a brain cell, there is the risk is no other situation will compromise or accept the cell chemistry.

In fact that create an addiction and continues usage of amplified vale than H12 it will damage bran cell through the imbalance of Oxygen and Carbon ratio.

The brains chemicals are not only the chemicals but those are working as neuron transmitters to give amplified signals also with a remote control system. For example; whenever the urine bladder filled with urine cause to get a signal for urination. This is an internal information transmission through neurons. This signal itself giving a demand that bladder filled and need dispose that filled bladder. Being a human have many social consciousness is not allowing urinating up on the feeling conveyed to brain as a chemical signal. Immediately after receiving a signal many hundred another command is going to various organs asking that find a place to dispose the urine. There is searching a urinal place for disposal. The same time, an advice is going through the control  of urinary valve that “hold on there” that need find out a disposal place safely. It became a long communication asking disposal, finding a place and communication to brain to bladder at the ratio of 600 signals per second. A parson with damaged neurotransmitter will not get such a command will be ignorant about filling and emptying of bladder.  In this case urination without knowledge is happening. This is one out of many thousand disabilities or an acquired condition. Like all the experience of the sensing organ is creating a sense or emotion cause to produce a corresponding chemical with in brain chemical producing factory .The history of such produce is the deposit with chemical chronology one by one is the memory and corresponding experience mixing with current information chemistry is brilliancy. All these things are unique but the reflection will establish in Dermatoglyphics. Chemical command is cause to all organism                of the human body. The term disability is in two ways one is not producing proper chemical for the corresponding need of the body and other is not established the neuron transmitter to corresponding organ from the brain. In this case we can see deformity in disabled parsons. When we are working with this system when ever disability is disappeared and we can see deformity is also vanishing and getting normal appearance. The deformity disappearing is starting from the head, teeth, jaw, and corresponding areas from the second day onwards. When I use to administrating scoliosis, I found that all the bone is getting normal from top to bottom with normal strength. In this case neuron transmitter and the logistic system to bone development chemical is not producing and supply properly. When the system of chemical production and NT is correct for logistic application to the corresponding area it found that high speed filling of bone tissues.

Compromising to this technology

As I told you earlier, a physical medicine is act as an agent to prevent and protect from the further attack or imbalance of any bacteria or an influence force from a foreign devices or outside of the human body. It can be through air, water or consumables. A medicinal application is a process of prevent such a foreign body to organize a self protacting situation of above said body. And medicine can be considered as an agent to associate with certain chemical metabolism classifieds with associated pathological findings.

As per the experience and development of this technology while applying in this technology immunity is naturally developing by the body itself and if any other disease have to take medical advice and use medicine also. That did not interact or control this system. Guidelines is there while applying MPIT is there and follow the instructions for getting total success and come out from any human conditions.

This is summary of the technology, advices an effective way to solve disability and retardation within normal and affordable cost, can set up a unit in home, in clinic, in schools and other organizations. This is not a medical system and conceived the knowledge from different source of science from various literature and knowledge. My intention is to establish a technology for the disabled children from all part of this universe. I welcome all organizations to be part of the research and development of this technology for the current and next generation from all conditions and ailments where medicine is insufficient to solve problems. I dedicate this technology for the disabled children in this mother earth.

Mohan Das Vaidya( Dr.M.D.Vaidya )

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